Outdoor Venues – Scouting Wedding Locations

What to Consider

So you're getting married? By now you have no doubt realized that there is so much to be planned and organized, especially if you are planning a wedding at an outdoor venue. Maybe you’ve always dreamed of a fairytale wedding in a beautiful natural park or your own private wedding on a secluded beach, the ocean as your backdrop. While this is an idyllic and enchanting image, it is important to remember that there are many considerations that are necessary when it comes to outdoor venues to make sure your perfect vision becomes a reality.

If you make precise planning a part of your wedding preparations though, you will be able to avoid any complications and have the wedding of your dreams. When looking at outdoor venues for your wedding remember that these outside locations are themselves a part of your wedding decor. The advantage of this is that your cost for flowers and other decorations will be reduced, allowing you to allocate this money elsewhere for adding fun extras to your ceremony or reception.

You will need to think about things like natural and artificial lighting. Consider where the sun will be shining at the particular time of your wedding and when and if artificial lighting will be required. Keeping this in mind you will also need to consider where your guests will be seated in relation to the sun, the last thing you want is your guest having to squint just to see you and your significant other. If you’re planning a summer wedding you may want to include appropriate shading for the ceremony.

Another advantage is that most outside marriages is that most outdoor venues are already ornamented to a certain extent, so your costs for flowers and other decor will be lessened. You just have to make sure that everything fits, and you may want to add a specially decorated area for the wedding ceremony, to add focus.

Outdoor Wedding Venues - Weather and Noise Factors

Obviously you will want to prepare for unpredictable weather on your wedding day, which is always a possibility you may face when it comes to outdoor venues. If rain could be an occurrence, then you may consider renting a bunch of umbrellas beforehand to have ready for your guests should precipitation occur.

Wind is another factor to keep in mind. Besides being a mere annoyance to your guests, wind can topple decorations you have set up and pull off tablecloths possibly causing unwanted spills. This however can all be avoided by making sure everything is fastened and secured in advance.

When looking around at different outdoor venues, pay attention to the noise factor. It is unavoidable that many outdoor venues will be located next to a major road, which may hamper your guests from being able to hear the ceremony. You do not however have to pass up on the spot of your dreams because of this. Making arrangements to have some sort of noise screen put in place to easily remedy this.

Start your search for outdoor venues early that way you will be able to scout the location and make preparations for anything and everything. Keep all of the above in mind and your special day will be much more likely to go off without a hitch.